• Kathryn Robinson

My Intention for You

I’ve never really shared with you all what pulled my heart strings into creating this blog. I knew I had the intention to share my personal stories while motivating others to live great lives and putting out all sorts of uplifting material. But there were deeper crevices in my heart that desired something more.

I wanted to reach out to a specific group of people.

I didn’t understand who those group of people were, but I knew they were the ones like me.

I started digging into the depths of my intention behind this blog and the meaning behind the words I was writing.

A big desire on my heart was to reach out to a genuinely good crowd of people who lives their lives well, but still struggle.

I wanted to reach out to those who hadn’t heard a specific message.

I wanted to gear towards women, because God had always put “caring for women” as a huge priority in my life.

He began speaking into the things that I was most passionate about in my life, and moved me towards writing about that.

My heart began to hurt, not just beat. It began hurting for the women like me who had been unreached in a specific category.

He made it very clear to me that I needed to be the person that I wish would have approached me in my younger years, when I was unaware.

You see, my heart was hurting for the women who had never been told how amazing they were just as they were.

Not just amazing, but beautiful.

Not just beautiful, but oh so worthy.

Not just worthy, but capable.

God was saying “I need you to be the voice for those who are like you,” and I knew exactly what He meant when He said that.

Because I never had anyone tell me that it was okay if I didn’t understand what I was going to be when I was older, as long as I pursued something in the moment that made me happy and fulfilled.

No one told me that just because my pinky finger is bent a little bit, that doesn’t mean I’m flawed.

No one told me that it was okay to be soft and lightly spoken.

No one told me that it was okay when I got overly excited and let my squeak of a laugh make its presence.

No one told me that it was okay if I messed up, as long as I got back up and kept fighting the good fight.

No one told me that it was okay if I belted in my car while people were staring, as long as I was living my best life.

No one told me that the stretch marks alongside my thighs were part of who I am.

And the galaxy of moles on my body.

And my eyes that are constantly dry and cause me to blink too much.

And the cellulite resting on my thighs.

And the spider veins that sit right next to the cellulite.

And that they should simply be embraced as part of my person.

No one told me that I was allowed to dream and to dream big.

No one told me that it was okay if I wore the cover up when I went out, instead of feeling like I needed to show off different parts of my body.

No one told me it was okay to wear what I wanted, as long as I was honoring my body.

No one told me that I spent too much time worrying about what I looked like, instead of enjoying the life I was living.

No one told me that whatever size I was, I was allowed to enjoy a day at the water in my swimsuit.

No one told me that it was okay if I enjoyed a night in watching movies instead of going out and raging.

No one told me that I would find someone who didn’t care what I looked like, but saw my heart instead, to be more important.

No one told me it was okay if I wasn’t perfect at something, as long as I gave it my all.

No one told me that the wrinkles along the sides of my smile were actually beautiful because they signified the fact that I was happy.

No one told me it’s not about the clothes that you wear or the makeup that you use or the age of your phone, but it’s about the joy that you generate from your everyday life without material things taking worth.

No one told me to embrace all of the things about me, because they made me perfectly who I am. Because I should just embrace her, because there’s no changing her. Because she was specifically designed the way she was because that’s how God wanted her. And maybe, just maybe, He needed to make her in that way so she could realize all of this and reach out to other women who needed to understand the importance of embracing who they are.

So, I created this blog to reach out to those who have been unreached. I am here to give you permission to be in your own body and to do the things that bring you the most peace. I am here to ask that you embrace what God has given you, instead of trying to change things. I am here to tell you that you’re extremely amazing in your own skin. I am here to notify you that your normal is beautiful, and I don’t want you to try to format yourself into what this world tells us is normal. I am here to give you permission to just be yourself, and figure out who that is. I’m here because in order for you to live your life abundantly, you’ve gotta live your own life. And I pray that I can be that person for you that I needed when I struggled to understand what abundance meant. I pray God whoops you on the head right now and says, “hey, listen up.” I want you to read these words and understand that I’m talking to you. You deserve such goodness.`

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