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Minimalistic Wardrobe

I’m all for the “less is more” mentality.

Growing older, I realize how much I just don’t like excess stuff. I’ve been in a huge detoxing stage of life, where I’m really trying to minimize what I have based on what I do and don’t need. And OH MY GOSH, it’s so helpful. Decluttering my room, getting rid of things I don’t use or have quite literally forgot about, and keeping myself organized. I sound high maintenance, I know; but it has been nothing short of helpful for me to minimize my life.

This includes my wardrobe. Cue blog post.

I wanted to go over a few of the basics that I have kept in my wardrobe that I find as essential and frequently useful. I have based this on standard pieces that I wear the most, and though this doesn’t accommodate for all of the things in my closet, I’ve found it helpful to keep these few things that I wear the most often. Minimalism for me has included the question: what do I really need and what is just taking up space?

And I wanted to simply share the things that I keep in my wardrobe, my basics, to maybe help simplify yours as well. When cleaning out your own closet, think: What do I wear the most of? What have I not worn in a while? What can I keep that could be used for multiple outfits?

Here we go. This is also a Kat Reminder that you look good no matter what you wear; hey girl hey.

The Denim Jacket

Y'all I love my denim jacket; It literally goes with anything. I'd choose some pretty monotone colors to go under the denim (black, white, beige, burnt orange) to let this simplicity shine. I added some little buttons on the front pockets of the jacket to "make it mine." Found this gem @Target.


I wear sweaters year round, so I love to have a few varieties of them. I usually go for a plain color/style so I can keep it simple but effective. The easy part of sweaters is that you can dress them up with a pair of hole-y jeans or a cute pair of shorts, OR keep it cozy with a pair of leggings and boots. I (try to) limit myself on sweaters, but I'll admit that I've got an abundance of them. The great things is that they don't necessarily go out of style!!

Burnt Orange Sweater is from Target/Fuzzy Grey Sweater is from Old Navy.


I'm a sucker for a good pair of pants, and these here are on repeat for me. I have a few pair of colored pants in my closet that are easy to dress up. These black ones can be casual or more formal, so they're definitely a must for me. Also, they're just hecka comfortable, and comfort always trumps style for me. Call me grandma, if you must.

Black Pants from H&M

Simple Camis

Camis have become more stylish to wear in a normal outfit instead of as an undergarment, so I've got a few that I circle through. I love the simplicity of camis, and how they're basically good for any summer occasion. I'll usually wear these with a more baggy pant/short because they are a tighter fit.

Black and Nude Cami bought @WalMart

Denim Shorts

Y'all, denim shorts. All day. Every day. They deserve to be recognized. I love these specifically because they are high-waisted and I praise the person who invented high-waisted things. These are my favorite ones, but I have a variety of colors and styles to mix it up a little.

High-Waisted Denim Shorts-Target


My life runs on good flannels. I literally wear them no matter what season we're in. Wear it over a graphic t-shirt, wrap it around your waist, or button it up and style it with a good denim bottom. There's super versatile and easy to manipulate.

Flannel is a hand-me-down from my grandma lol.

Stylish Tops

As casual as I am, I do like to keep it pretty classy. This category could be an array of different tops depending on your own style. For me, I like stuff that is still simple, not too much color or pattern, but still dressy enough to wear "out." It's a make you feel good kinda styled category. I like to have just a few nicer tops for whenever the occasion arises. My tip for this category of my wardrobe is to make sure that I'm buying/keeping stuff that makes me feel good. This specific top accentuates my torso really well; it is very flattering. Therefore, it's a keeper.

Found at H&M.

The Jean of your Choice

Featuring a sad-looking Chaco who became jealous once I whipped my camera out.

You either do or you don't like jeans. Sometimes, they're just not flattering or don't fit your body the right way; trust me, I get it. I'll say it once again for those people in the back: I love high-waisted stuff. It feels good, fits me in the right places, and compliments my figure quite well. Find stuff that works for you and your body. These are my confidence boosters jeans. I only have a couple of jeans that I genuinely like, and I wear them on repeat with no shame.

High-Waisted Jeans from H&M.

Here you go, the most basics of my wardrobe. I find the simplicity quite relaxing because I really don't have to try; everything just fits well and feels good. Not only is it simple, but it's cost-effective; I wear a lot of the same things repeatedly but in different outfits. Because there are basics, they'll fit in many different ways. Set a goal for yourself to minimize your wardrobe into things that you know you'll wear often and that make you look fineeeee.

Love always, Kat.

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