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10 Things I did During the Corona Quarantine

What a weird time to be alive. And if you read that sentence, you probably know exactly what I’m about to talk about: the Coronavirus pandemic. Y’all, it’s crazy. The fact that we are literally living through a pandemic in this era; whoah. OUR GRANDCHILDREN will ask us what we did to “survive” during these times, right? YES. And, this will be my crazy, adventurous, potentially boring description of exactly what I will tell them that I did to stay sane during this quarantine in 2020.

1. So many crossword puzzles. So, me and my boyfriend did a thing…we visited each other while the government asked us to stay home. Yes, I know, such rebellion. You could call us your modern-day hood rats. And, you guys, you gotta get creative when you have company, right? Right. And the creativity extended to crossword puzzles. Oh yeah. We spent countless hours chilling on the couch, mindlessly finding garage horizontally and hammock backwards. I literally went to Dollar General and loaded up on these things. You know how they put a limit on how many ground beef packages you can buy per family? They should have done that for me with these dang puzzles.

2. So much cooking. I am currently living at home with my parents (party people) and have stayed home during quarantine while they both have continued working. SO, the least I can do to pitch in around here is to cook. And I love cooking, so it has been no pain at all. BUT, I’ve had to stretch my cooking skills because my parents and I specifically don’t have similar tastes in food, except for a shared love of hamburgers. And, we can’t have hamburgers every day. Well we could, but….so, I’ve dove into hours of Pinterest searching and recipe trying. This quarantine food adventure includes new spices (turmeric is my favorite), veggie-roasting, meal prepping, and outta-my-comfort meat cooking. And I LOVE IT. And I will cook for you, if you would like me to. Trust me, I’ve become exceptional.

3. Coffee. Literally, all day. Black. Hot in the morning, iced in the afternoon.

4. Running/Walking. Okay, so I’m not the biggest fan of exercise. In fact, I don’t like it much, at all. But I know, especially in a time where I’ve been stuck at home, that I need to move my body around and stay active. So, I do my occasional squats around the house, and my mom has this little surfboard-looking maneuver that you stand on and swing your hips back and forth to work out your [abs]. BUT, I’m a bigger fan of being outside and moving my body out there. And I live in a beautiful area, so I use it to my advantage. Grab the dogs, and I’m on my way for an hour or so. And it feels so stinking good. (p.s. I put the word “running” there to look impressive).

5. Y’all, I made bread. I’ve seen all the new trends of people going out of their way to make their loafs, and I decided NOT to hop on that train. I worked in a bakery for a little over a year whenever I was in college, and gosh, I got so burnt out of it. It’s such a process! BUT, lo and behold, I was watching my favorite show, The Kitchen, and Jeff Mauro made a no-yeast loaf, and y’all, he hooked me. And I had to try it (mainly because I didn’t want to mess around with yeast, ya know). Anyways, it was phenomenal. Phenomenal I say. I wanted to eat the whole loaf, but I’m a lady, so I didn’t do that. I shared it. But I did eat a lot of it, and I don’t care if that’s unlady-like. Send me your email and I’ll share the recipe!!

6. We travelled. Again, I admit that we didn’t do the whole “stay at home” thing. I’m telling you here, not the best rule follower. Approaching month two of this quarantine, I just wanted to break free, like Freddie Mercury. And so, I did. My boyfriend and I travelled to Austin to just do some exploring and some trail-walking and some hip grocery shopping. Do you notice a theme here? About my rule-breaking habits? It’s only with my boyfriend…so we’ll blame the quarantine-rebellion on him. Anyways, we searched around Austin and I fell in love, having it be my first time to travel around the city. We went to three different grocery stores, hiked around Barton Springs, and got some bomb French fries at a food truck. Gosh darnet, it’s beautiful. So, not only did we go once, but TWICE. SO worth the four-hour drive.

7. I’ve Organized. I will do the dishes. Like all day, every day, I will do the dishes. But I am THE WORST at cleaning other things. My mom gets so confused on how I don’t see the specks of dust on the floor like she does, and how come I don’t grab the broom every day and go to town on our floor. I’m going to be so honest with you, I just don’t notice it. Maybe, and let me see if you can agree with me here, when we get older, we just magically get a new eyesight for things that are dirty. I mean, my mom always thinks things are dirty, and I just don’t see it. Which makes me automatically a really sucky habitual cleaner. Poor husband of mine. BUT I love to organize. I like to binge organize my things; get rid of stuff I don’t need and find things I didn’t remember were there. And I’ve been doing a lot of organizing! Y’all should see my closet; I could live in there.

8. Loads of Golden Girls. I’m not totally proud of the binge watching I’ve been up to, but there’s just some times when I just have no desire to do a productive thing. So, I sit myself in front of the tv with a coffee in my hand, and I get my Blanche and Dorothy on.

9. I’ve Gardened. I’m going to be straight forward with you guys: I have no green thumb. I feel like when you hear people say that they garden, you automatically think they’re geniuses with tomatoes and they’ll know which dirt to use to grow potatoes and they’ll understand exactly what you mean when you say “I found some white spots on the leaves of my squash plant and I don’t know what to do.” So, I’ll clarify. My dad and I built up a garden in our backyard. He knows all the things, and I watered all the plants. And picked the weeds. While he changed the fertilizer. So yeah, I don’t know how to garden, BUT I do one heck of a job holding that water hose and bringing life to those cucumbers. So, “I’ve gardened.”

10. I Started a Blog. You better believe I did. I’ve never been one to follow through with dreams. I just dream and think that maybe God will align my desires and lay it in front of me. But, God can’t steer a parked car, and my car has been parked for far too long. And I’ve had a dream to share my voice and my knowledge in a unique way for a while, and what’s a better time to jump start my dream than when I’m given LOADS of free time. Hats off to you, Corona, because in the midst of your negativity, I’ve birthed the most life-giving hobby that I’ve ever experienced. I followed the dream, then I followed through with it. And when I get to tell my grandchildren about what I did during this pandemic, I will tell them that this one was my favorite.

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