why, hello there

There’s a lot to say; I’ve got a full 22 years of life that I’ve been living. I have lived a dynamic, yet very still life. There’s a lot to who I am, like anyone can say about themselves. BUT I am my own person, and I’ve lived my life differently than you’ve lived yours. And gosh darnet, I want you to get to know me. So, the next thing I’m going to do for you is give you a list. Here before your eyes are 22 things about me. I could give you paragraphs and hours and PowerPoints of myself, but I want to keep this simple. Some of them are important to mention, and some not so much. But it’s me, and here I am, and I welcome myself to you, and here we are.


  1. I live in a little town called Chappell Hill, in the beautiful state of Texas. Now let me be clear, I’m not one of those die-hard, Texas-or-bust kind of residents. I just live here. And that’s it. And I don’t go to rodeos. But you can if you want, and that’s cool too.

  2. I say gosh darnet a lot.

  3. I love being outside. Give me all the nature. Mountains and sea and sunflowers. Awe yes.

  4. I will go hard on a plate of sweet potato fries. Last dying meal? Sweet potato fries. Don’t ask me why, I don’t really know why. But there you have it folks.

  5. I am a born and raised Catholic. My faith is the most important thing to me. I’m not the best, I acknowledge that. But, you know what, I’m striving and I’m okay with that, because I wake up each day and I still love the Lord and He still loves me and He always loves you and that’s the most beautiful thing ever.

  6. I love the movie Titanic. I love the movie Titanic. I love the movie Titanic. I’ve seen it way too many times to count, and I will watch it with you in a heartbeat if you asked.

  7. I like to use big words that most of the time don’t have the correct meaning to what I’m trying to say. But, gosh darnet, I say them proud.

  8. My dream job is Guy Fieri’s current job. And if you don’t know who that is, go look him up really quick, and you might just agree with me and want his job, too.

  9. I’ve got a mom and dad, one sister, and three dogs. I aspire to have more, but that might have to wait a while…(I guess that applies to both animals and family members).

  10. Vance Joy. Oh my goodness, don’t even get me started. If I die young, would you mind trying to get him to play at my funeral?

  11. I love coffee and I will drink it all day, every day. Preferably iced.

  12. I was a traveling missionary for about 2 years of my life with an organization called NET Ministries. They were the most impactful, meaningful, life-giving years so far. I am who I am today because of the organization.

  13. Most people call me Kat and you can, too.

  14. Dark chocolate, y’all. Let’s talk about it.

  15. I prefer hardback books.

  16. I would describe myself as a hippie who showers.

  17. I love photography. I love looking at photos and I love taking photos and I don’t do it enough and that’s a shame.

  18. My favorite place in the whole wide world up to this point is Moab Utah. I took many photos there.

  19. I think daily about who I want my bridesmaids to be and it makes me so happy.

  20. My gall bladder and my wisdom teeth are no longer in my body.

  21. I can't watercolor to save my life. It just always looks terrible. Trust me, I've tried.

  22. Every pair of pants should be high-waisted in my opinion.

There she is. That’s not everything but that’s a little view into who I am. I am here to be open and I’m here to share and I’m here to allow you to see my normality. And I’m going to say something to you right now that may shock you.


23. I love you.


I know it’s random and it may seem like I’m moving too fast for you, but I need you to know that I love you. Because you are just you and I am just me and now you know a little bit more about me and you can allow me to love you. I don’t care what you look like or what you don’t look like. I don’t care if you prefer tea over coffee, I’ll drink that with you too. I don’t care if you like normal jeans over high-waisted jeans, you do you boo. I don’t care if you’re not Catholic, because the same God that loves me loves you too and I think we need to make that clearer. I don’t care if you’ve got dimples or pimples or if your butt is crooked or maybe your smile is. I love you, gosh darnet, exactly where you are. And I want to know you, too.

Kathryn Robinson


photographer/aspiring gardener/ writer/innovator/

farmers market enthusiast/